National identity card France

National identity card France

Type of documentThe French national identity card (French: Carte nationale d’identit or CNI) is an official identity document consisting of a laminated plastic card bearing a photograph, name and address. While the identity card is non compulsory, all persons must possess some form of valid government issued identity documentation.[1]

Identity cards, valid for a period of 15 years (extended from initially 10 years as of 1 January 2014[2]), are issued by the local prfecture, sous prfecture, mairie (in France) or in French consulates (abroad) free of charge. A fingerprint of the holder is taken, which is stored in paper files and which can only be accessed by a judge in closely defined circumstances. A central database duplicates the information on the card, but strict laws limit access to the information and prevent it being linked to other databases or records. Best Fake IDs

The cards may be used to verify identity and nationality and may also be used as a travel document within Europe (except Belarus, Kosovo, Russia and Ukraine) as well as French overseas territories, Egypt, Turkey, Georgia, Dominica (max 14 days), Montserrat, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and on organized tours to Jordan (through Aqaba airport) and Tunisia [3] instead of a French passport. The first ID was issued to foreigners in residence in France in 1917, in order to control the foreign population in a time of war and spy scare. This carte d’identit des Franais was a non compulsory ID document and was only issued in the Paris region. Best Fake IDs

Following defeat in the Battle of France, the Vichy government created a new national identity card under the law of October 27, 1940. This new ID was compulsory for every Frenchperson over the age of 16. A central record was also instituted.

Under the decree 55 1397 of October 22, 1955[4] a revised non compulsory card, the carte nationale d’identit (CNI) was introduced, and the central records abandoned. With the introduction of lamination in 1988 it was renamed the carte nationale d’identit scurise (CNIS) (secure national identity card). In 1995 the cards were made machine readable. It became free in 1998.

The French national identity card can be used as an identification document in France in situations such as opening a bank account, filltrustid identifying yourself to government agencies, proving your identity and regular immigration status to a law enforcement official etc.

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